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Two Hounds Farm – Small scale regenerative local community farm.  Your North Houston source for fine food.

We specialize in GMO free pastured small animal meats and natural honey all produced in a sustainable and ethical way. Care of the land and soil is our priority.

Houston pastured chicken at its best. 

Nov 2017

We had a bad couple of months with birds dying as a result of Hurricane Harvey then needing AAA recovery of truck on the way to the Farmers Market on the Grand Parkway meaning we were not able to serve our customers that market. 

Nov 4th we were at the market again. Hopefully things have stabilized. 

We still have Cornish Game Hen available.

Game hen

Product and Pricing

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   Comments Price per lb May 2017 availability
Pastured Chicken Whole bird mostly between 3 and 4 lb birds without giblets $7.35 Good
Pastured Duck Whole bird without head or feet usually around 3 lb young tasty birds $12.00 Limited
Pastured Guinea hen Whole birds $11.50 Good
Game hens Whole portion sized birds aprox 1lb 8oz each    Good
Chicken feet From our pastured birds $1.75 ea Limited
Mixed organ meat From our pastured birds $7.00 Good
Duck Neck From our pastured birds $5.00 Fair
Honey Raw from our hives   8 fl/oz bottle $7.00 Currently sold out, but bees are busy working. 
Bees wax Aprox 1/2 oz lightly purified hexagonal curios cast in bee related themes.  Pay what is fair At farmers market only

We are just setting up to take Bitcoin payment alternatives – this is a new alternative for us, so please bear with us if there are any teething issues. Less exciting we do also accept QuickPay/Zelle.


Our birds are processed in a Texas state certified facility in Houston.

Birds are processed by hand and air chilled to achieve maximum texture and flavor. The birds are them vacuum packed to lock in the flavor.

Unlike much available in the supermarket, the birds are not treated with a “plumping” solution, so you are paying for fine meat not chemically infused water saturated meat.

 It seems we have new predator problems – the below was caught on game camera at 02:35

bobcat wildcat
Bobcat ?

It killed one 6.5lb chicken, nothing left but a handful of feathers. It appears to be a muscular and healthy animal. 

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Texas food at its best.

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