Bad News

Some bad news from THF.

Around 26th August 2017 Hurricane Harvey impacted


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Hurricane Harvey

Some places in the Houston area recorded over 50” rain over the period.

How this impacted Two Hounds Farm?

  • Our house was not impacted in any way
  • Many Chickens died
  • Some minimal damage to farm infrastructure
  • Some of our customers suffered property loss

We currently do not live on our land. The land is North of Splendora TX.

Our house was undamaged in any way. Our neighborhood stood high and was undamaged though some nearby neighborhoods were not so fortunate.

On Fri 25th I went to the land and loaded the feeders and waters in preparation. Sadly the land became cut off with the flooding along the I59 and closer to the land. As a result the birds ran out of water and many died. In effect they dehydrated when surrounded by flood waters.

A number of our customs live close to Barker / Addicks reservoirs and suffered loss from the storm. It is sad to hear of people displaced.

This will have an impact on the business. The loss of birds come mostly from the start up batch after summer shut-down and these birds were ready for processing. The loss of grown birds means that much time and cost had been attributed to these birds.

We will survive and add more layers to our contingency plans, more elements to our risk matrix and develop more depth to our business continuity plan.