Big Move

Today was a big step forward – thanks to Rodger, a member of Montgomery Bee Keepers

Last years hive boxes were in the wrong spot now that the new apiary is in place and working.

Additionally one of the older hive was left with 6 frames in it for some time and the bees had filled the void with bur comb.

So the time had come for surgery and a move – 2 for 1. In addition the plan was to move the top bar hive that was overflowing and in the wrong place.

The llanstroth move was pretty easy – we sacrificed some bees as they were out foraging, but sometime things have to be done. It was pretty strait forward getting the hive to the new location, but it was a tad heavy. In location, an using ply separating boards we dissected the hive and installed frames in new boxes in slot 1 on new apiary. The bees (buck fasts) behaved pretty well during this and did not get too aggressive.

Inspection of the other 9 hives in the new apiary went well too. Again the bees were calm.

Finally it was time to move the top bar. We did a trial lift, it was not too heavy. Then we set off with the hive. we made about 30 ft before the attacks were too intense to deal with – Rodger got stung multiple times through his suit. I suppose mine was thicker, as whist I got mobbed, nothing got through.

Rodger had to hit the road, so I went for a bite to eat. Then I came back to do some work on water tank deck . This is were it got interesting. The bees were still stroppy. After 1/2 hour sawing  wood in my bee suit tp protect me frm the bees I decided to call it a day and give them a couple days rest. Those girls were moody. Time for a new queen!

Good news – got a bunch of comb dripping in honey – it is currently in the freezer as there were a few brood cells in it – time to make up some comb jars.