Bullied guinea into rehab

This morning around 6am I gave the 6 day old guinea and ducks a top up of food. All was well.

In returning 3 hours later I discovered one guinea with its leg trapped. Did not seem possible, but it was trapped.

Bullied guinea after rescue

The other guineas brutally attacked the trapped bird, drawing blood and trashing its feathers. Releasing the leg allowed the bird to hobble to the corner where the rest of the birds resumed their attack.

The sad thing was rescued and placed under a lamp on its own. Using a temperature probe the temperature was confirmed at 95F as the bird had little plumage after the attack. The bird was given water and meal worm to eat.

Progress in rehab

After 4 hours (T+4) it had stopped shaking and had eaten and drunk some. Now it was showing signs of separation anxiety. We selected 3 of he smallest guineas from the larger group and placed them in with the injured bird so it is now part of a small flock and hopefully will have a better chance.