Burn baby burn

Went up to the farm today

Spent a full 6 hours non stop dragging brush to burn.

The issue was that the brush pile was too close to pretty dry trees and too far from water source.


Something like this would have been ideal, but the risk was too high.

So last trip I drove in 4 T posts, and surrounded by hog panel. then wrapped in chicken wire a few wraps to make a good spark arrestor. This is very close to small pond with electric pump for water if needed

So I then spent the time today dragging tons of dry brush 75 yards to burn “pit” to burn in a safe manner. Made a big impact.

Mow the negative was I dislocated the little finger on my left hand when pulling out branches from pile. Said a few choice words and put it back in again, but it is sore.

6 hours solid pulling interlocked branches from one pile and feeding into the burn pit –  now that was hard work.


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