chickens squat

It is not just weigh lifters that squat, seems chickens squat too. 

OK, I am not a chicken expert YET, bu learning more by the day. We do meat birds and they do not really reach reproductive state. 

But this time I kept some hens for observational purposes and to let them taste new organic feeds that I locate by the sack before I purchased a tonne of it. 

We raised these birds from 1 day hatchlings, but all of their sibling have since “graduated” to the pot. 

Just after these birds became reproductively  mature and started to lay eggs, they started a new behavior, the chicken squat. we were perplexed, as our birds had not got to this point before.  what could it be? Surely they had not become suddenly scared of me, the bringer of fresh pasture, food and water!

So we did some research and below are relevant links:

Chickens Squat post

That seems sensible, that in the absence of a Cockerel, and of egg lying maturity, the hen could squat  the  belief that the bringer of “bennies” is the Cockerel. Since the hens run to me and then assume the position somewhat affirms this. 

Since we treat the bids so  well we had assumed that it was not fear, especially as they come running and then squat at my feet. Thus the linked too article/blog post makes sense. I guess they think I am the cockerel.