GMO free chicken
content chicken
We took another small batch of chicken to the processor today. We use Harris County Farms, great people, spotless facility and 24h hanging of meat in air chiller for optimal texture and flavor. We will need to buy another freezer tomorrow for the birds. Fortunately there is a Sams Club I have to pass on the way to the processor so I can pick one up there. Sams Club is great for freezers, very reasonably prices and good availability.

Learning point

Meat farmers need a lot of freezers. A LOT of freezers. 
These birds were the best looking yet,their plumage was beautiful – a reasonable proxy for health. These animals were good looking healthy birds. 
I will miss one of the cockerels who met me at the entrance of the chicken tractor and pecked me and tried one tried to spur me (his spurs were under developed and thus not an issue) each time I loaded the feed hopper. He only stopped when I rubbed his chest. He was real dude. He was the best bird in this peers on just about every metric, he was big and bold, certainly the biggest bird we have had.