Chicks and Keets

We have just received another batch of birds – mostly chicks, but again we got a few keets. Actually I forgot I had the keets ordered, they were ordered when we were in the middle of raccoon and ‘possum hell. But I am not unhappy, as mixing a few guineas with the chickens in a tractor seems

mixed brooder
chicks and keets

The time line was:

Wednesday receive shipping notification that chicks and keets had shipped

  • Thursday 07:25 get call from post office that birds are in
  • Thursday 08:55, birds in brooder tub under lamp with fresh water
  • observe every couple of hours
  • Friday 10:30 Birds transferred to brooder shed on fresh hay / pine shavings

Total losses  2 birds. One died with in an hour of arrival, it was dazed and shaking out of the shipping box, the other died Friday afternoon

Why is the water so dark?

We add Big ol Bird organic pro-biotic to the water. Not only to the birds thrive on this, they seem to prefer the taste of this to straight water, certainly over straight municipal water.