Extracting the honey

Yesterday was the first honey extraction this year of a friend’s hives. The apiary consisted of 2 large hives, 3 deeps as brood chamber and 3 medium supers. We just took 3 medium sized supers The possibility is to do 2 splits to make 4 hives. My friend has ordered queens to cover this eventuality.

The bees were pretty compliant, not too much issue, it did not take them long to vacate supers even though it was overcast.
Then indoors to do the extraction. It always helps to have additional hands – we had a real newbie turning the handle
First super yielded about 2 gallons of very fine honey after it was run through a 400 micron filter, but there was a lot in the bowl of caps so it will come in a little more than that.

The little helpers were will paid in pieces of comb dripping in honey – lets hope this does not constitute use of child labor. They were also treated to a good learning experience. I am a big supporter of home schooling as it leads to a real focus on learning not schooling.

Honey Extraction
Little helpers