Philosophy – why permaculture and why regenerative farming

Permaculture principles benefit all. 

“Data drawn from a global compilation of studies quantitatively confirm the long-articulated contention that erosion rates from conventionally plowed agricultural fields average 1–2 orders of magnitude greater than rates of soil production, erosion………………………………conventional plow-based agriculture increases erosion rates enough to prove unsustainable.”

Soil erosion and agricultural sustainability – D Montgomery  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States  Vol 104 No 33

Dusbowl violation of permaculture princiles
The dust bowl was a mess

dust bowl


It became apparent to us that more than sustainability was needed. some of us have to regenerate the damage done by big agriculture – the loss of soil, the degradation of soil (loss or fertility and the reliance on synthetic fertilizer) cannot go on indefinitely. in fact it is a more pressing issue than any man made warming of the environment.


We seek to grow food that and build soil, while respecting animals.

To that end, permaculture principles are followed on the farm.