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PoU >Reference material for PDC and landscape designs there-after.

Last year I completed a PDC (Permaculture Deign Certificate) and was looking for good accompanying material. Whilst expensive, the book(s) does provide value.

Volume 1 Vision and Theory is not fluff with the first part providing a well-paced introduction. The case studies are nice, with very high level of detail that help those following a PDC to envisage the outcomes of design decisions. Part 2 delves into more actionable detail and the information on plant spacing really helps as tree catalogs rarely expect the trees to be used as part of a food forest ecosystem. Soil interactions are well covered as are multi species interactions. Chapter 5 “Structures of the underground economy” is solid coverage of the below ground system from mineral to roots and all between.  The material on succession helps with the temporal aspects of design.

Volume 2 is my favorite – the diagrams are so clear and the is knowledge to be had at each turn of the page. The plant species matrix is very helpful.

The pair of books teaches an enormous amount, but is written in such a way as it is also general leisure read. Additionally, it is packed with such detail as to be an essential reference. That’s 3 for the price of 1 function stacking. The book does contain huge amounts of information on how to do things, but us not structured as a “how to” book, so it you are after “how to” you will have to work a bit harder to extract the info which is there.

It is not a vague wishy washy call to action with no substance.

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Edible Forest Gardens (2 volume set)

Dog eared book
Dog eared book