Kamp-Rite Tent

Until I get a structure on the land - I needed a place to sleep. 

Philosophy of Use

The land has wild pig that can mess with a tent on the ground. Use is 1 to 2 days overnight on land with no infrastructure and wild pig issues.


So here is a solution. The Kamp Rite is a tent / cot combination. additionally the tent has 2 configurations, the bug and the rain option. The tent s supplies with the rain flysheet so there is no need to but an additional flysheet.

Internally the tent is roomy for a 6ft man. The foot print sits on the back of a medium truck with the tool box moved to the side.

The cot is comfortable for someone like myself who like a relatively hard sleeping surface.

The tent is very quick to erect and should stand up to stiff winds.

But, it is not a feather weight and not small when packed. If truck camping this should not be an issue.

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot