Since Hurricane Harvey

So what have we been doing since Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area?

As you will know we lost a good number (well bad if you thing about) due to the flooding. So we are on a bit of a rebuild / refocus stage. 

Let us consider our blessings. 

We only lost chickens – enough to impact us but not enough to wipe us out. Hurricane Harvey caused total loss for so many in Houston and the coastal areas around Aransa Pass.

It is very fortunate we did not decide to raise Turkey for the end of year market or we would have lost all these slow growing birds. That would have been a bigger hit. 

So what exactly are we doing?

After we cleared up the mess of the dead birds and cared for survivors we took the remnant for processing at Harris County Farms State inspected facility 2 weeks after the flood. 

We have done some repairs and pasture improvements. 

We have started to look at our disaster and business continuity plans. This has help identify at least one more weakness that needs plugging. 


We do have a supply of frozen birds form the last previous 2 batches.