We have guinea hen too

Yes – the guinea are here. We have a first batch of keets (baby guinea) which will be reared on non GMO feed

Guinea Hen
Guinea Hen fully grown

They are currently in the brooder.

They are fascinating little things – at this stage so top heavy with linguine legs. Initially they had a problem with the feeder, so I put food on saucer. They figured the food, but also slept on saucer as a group- these guys are hilarious. Now back on a restrained feeder and they have worked out how to eat from it.

But they spill food everywhere. another BUT – I have a batch of duck in the next brooder, interesting side by side comparison. Keets are so much cleaner and dryer and less odorous (in the sense of emitting an odor). Peking ducks are great but they are “dirty birdies”.

Back to the keets – that arrived Fri 24 at 09:00 after close to 3 days in the hands of the post office buffoons. Good news – 100% alive but a little sad. Water and high end GMO free feed and they are so happy. Sunday night all alive and happy.  Tue 28th all alive and happy. Eating the good feed and were introduced to mealwoms today – they went crazy for them.

This is a mix batch of different sub-breeds. Defiantly got some Pearly Gray and White, probably some Lavender too. The white are behind the growth curve at 21:00 on 26th July