Weed barrier fabric / tarp

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“Tarped” seedbed

Yesterday was productive. One if the tasks performed was that installation of linear 250ft of  weed protection. The total are to be covered is 500 linear ft. The fabric rolls are  4ft long  and ~30lb (they are available in lesser and greater widths too).  The 4ft is about as big as a single person can easily work with. If a partner is available, a wider width may work better. As it was 97f in the shade and the work was in full sun, the 4ft was really enough for one person.

Curtis Stone is a big proponent of tarps to stale seed bed as a weed measure. The reason for “tarping” our beds is to prepare them for late season planting /(Texas) winter crops. It will still need some fencing to discourage deer (here it seems that deer take a hint from minor discouragement as feed is abundant)

Yes the beds are not dead evenly spaced and parallel – but sometimes you have to work with what you have got. In this case the area was hydro-axed some months ago leaving many root stocks. The beds are as close to along contour as possible, but diverting around root stocks as the tiller could not manage. As the roots rot out the area will gradually be filled in with evenly spaced beds. This year the inter bed area will be left but gradually migrated to consistent garden with the inter bed area tarped as it can be afforded.

A review of the product is to follow soon as it was laid after a test of effectiveness.

Below is a link to the fabric used.

Amazon Prime       4ft weed block fabric

Yes there are be hives in the background. There are 10 hives.